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Company Policy

In The Public Interest We Pledge Ourselves

1. To maintain records of servics performed; materials used and charges made for materials and services. The customer will be given an itemized copy of bill showing parts replaced and work performed for each repair.
2.To maintain adequate test appliances(s) in helping with good servicing standards.
3.To honor valid manufacturers parts warranties on parts subject to replacement by local distributors. Costs incurred to obtain and handle said parts to be charged for and paid by customer.
4. To limit the replacement of parts to those required to restore the aplliance(s) to normal operation. Should additional work be indicated the customer’s authorization will be obtained before proceeding.
5. To keep charges fair and reasonable in accordance with good business practice and in accordance with the locall price schedule.
6. a. Service charges will be based on maximum 1/2 hour in the home; every effort will be made to restore appliance(s) to proper operation on the home call. If the appliance(s) cannot be repaired in the home the appliance(s) will not be moved from the home without the customer’s consent, either oral or written. At this time an approximate estimate of shop labor and handling charges can be given. An accurate estimate as to labor and materials needed cannot be given until a complete shop analysis and check is made. If the customer then does not want the appliance(s) repaired, the appliance(s) will then be returned with a shop diagnosis and handling charge to be paid by the customer. If the technician who responded to the call cannot repair the appliance(s) in the home and an approximate estimate is given and customer does not want appliance(s) repaired, the firm is still entitled to be paid for sending the service technician to the home (the service call charge).
b. On any in home or shop repair, 1st grade parts to be used as replacement either equal to or superior to the original parts and the old parts to be returned to the customer except in the case of parts that are subject to factory warranty replacement.


The labor warranty is 30 (thirty) days only. Labor warranty only apply to repair(s) and (or) service described on the reverse side. All warranty work honored 9AM to 4PM Monday through Friday. No warranty work honored Saturdays, Sundays or Holidays.
Labor charge(s) is (are) not refundable. After repairs are completed in the home or after delivery of the repaired appliance(s) from the shop, turn on the appliance(s) to see if it is operating to your satisfaction. If additional service is required after the technician has left the home and he must be “recalled” an additional charge based on the home time will be made. This is not a service call but a time charge that would have appeared on the original billing and the service man worked longer on the original call or shop repair: this recall price is granted for 5 days following the repair of appliance(s). After 5 days any other service required is considered a new service call and you will be charged for the service call.


Our insurance carrier requires us to inform you that due to the nature of your appliance(s) removal, installation or reinstallation, any damage incurred by our service technicians to the product, the surrounding cabinets or the floor covering when removing your appliance for repair(s), any damage caused by water, oil or any other leakage before or after the repair and in performing the requested services, will be your responsibility, and thus will relieve us of any cost of repairs should damage occur (naturally, we will be as careful as possible). We will not be responsible for any loss of food or any other loss of any merchandise item before, after or at the time of the repair.


Parts used in the repair of your appliance(s) are equal to or superior to the original parts in your appliance(s), these parts carry a normal 90 day warranty. If parts replaced fail during the warranty period they will be replaced without charge for the parts. Customer will pay for labor and handling costs incurred to replace such parts. Only parts listed on this invoice are covered by this warranty. If other parts breakdown due to use or age or for any other reason beyond our control they will be replaced and the regular price for the material and labor rates will be charged. Clearing of clogged drains guaranteed ten (10) days only. There is no guarantee on replacement of plastic or glass shelf supports or basket.


There is absolutely no labor warranty on any parts with an intermittent problem. Since the problem is not apparent it cannot be traced. The only time such a problem can be traced is when the problem actually exists.


All work will be paid for in cash upon the completion of job unless credit arrangements have been made prior to the original service call or return of repaired appliance(s).


There will be a $20.00 charge on all returned checks. All checks require a valid ID. The customer’s name has to be preprinted on the check.


All orders require a 50% deposit. Balance upon completion, unless prior credit terms are established. Charge accounts balance unpaid after 30 days from the date of invoice are subject to a late payment charge of 1 1/2% per month or maximum allowed by law, if different. Expenses incidental to collection, including reasonable attorney’s fees, are the responsibility of the purchaser.