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Stove Repair

viking stove

We understand that your stove is part of your tradition and not just a piece of metal.
When it comes down to the business side of things, on a big holiday when your loved ones are over for a meal that happens only once a year, your Stove must be ready to perform.
Stoves endure extremely high temperatures at times, and in the long years without any kind of maintenance may cause for faults to occur in the electrical housing. For the most part the common fault in a stove is something as simple as an igniting switch and your common sense may tell you to use a lighter or matches during that special holiday. However, our appliance repair technicians are only here to help and will never stand in the way of the natural and undisputed right of you as the main Chef and that special bond that you may share with your Stove as the sole owner. Even during holiday’s and vacationing seasons, we are here to aid you and whatever challenges may arise with you and your Stove and help take turn for better. We specialize in solving all un-ordinary problems that may arise with stoves, such as doors that won’t close or overheating.  Never try to disconnect the stove from the gas pipeline without a certified appliance service technician present. Be sure to check with your local gas company if you are receiving services during and prior to scheduling of a major repair or maintenance service on your Stove.